Our approach

Our goal is to help older Australians choose innovative & personalised care that allows them to live a better life in their home.
At the heart of everything we do is our approach to care – Your life. Your home. Your care. Our focus.
This simply means that we answer to you, making it possible for you to choose from our range of personalised and innovative care services to help you live life independently and well.

Our approach – Your life. Your home. Your care. Our focus.®

Our goal is to provide personalised solutions that help older Australians live independently in their homes and maintain active and rewarding lives. Ensuring the respect and dignity of every person we care for is a top priority. In order to do this, we developed our philosophy of care – Your life. Your home. Your care. Our focus.® This philosophy was developed after extensive research and in consultation with industry experts, consumers and families. 

In particular, we would like to acknowledge the contribution of Kate Swaffer, the inspirational dementia advocate. As we were finalising our care philosophy, we met with Kate for her expertise and perspective of dementia care as person living with dementia. After extensive discussion, Kate quickly drew a graphic to describe the elements required to provide a holistic approach to quality dementia care and services. Her advice was underpinned by best practice care principles that applied to our overarching philosophy of care – Your life. Your home. Your care. Our focus.®


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Our philosophy of care is the foundation of all that we do, from providing care services to the support of our head office. Our approach ensures we can provide the excellent care to all our clients, whether they are living with dementia or not. We understand that everyone’s needs and desires are unique, so a one-size-fits-all approach to care isn’t the answer. We know it’s your life, your home and your care. Our focus is on delivering excellent care services and providing you with a range of options so that you can decide what works for you.

Your life

We think it’s important to discover what gives you meaning and purpose, so we can deliver care services that enrich your life. By getting to know you, your hobbies, your strengths and how you live your life, we help empower you to achieve your goals.

Your home

We understand that living independently at home is about being connected with your friends, family and community. Enjoying life at home means living in a pleasant, safe and secure environment where your privacy is respected.

Your care

We know that with the right support you can continue to live life your way. We provide you with a range of individually planned home care services to help you manage personal care, household tasks, social activities or healthcare. The choice is yours.

Our focus

Our focus is you. We believe in empowering you to make choices that will support your independence, wellbeing and your lifestyle so you can continue to live well and enjoy life in your own home. Together, we’ll develop home care solutions that will make your life better whatever your circumstances. We can provide professional counselling and advice, and connect you with your local community to access resources and services.

As your needs change, we can talk to you about aged care planning and advanced care directives.

A particular focus is quality dementia care. Our innovative Dementia Care at Home program focuses on supporting the strengths and potential of people living with dementia. All our staff undertake specialist training to ensure they understand the specific needs and wants of people living with dementia. We provide art, music and movement programs to support people living with dementia to do the things that give their lives meaning and purpose. We deliver tailored activity programs that incorporate Montessori for Dementia. These programs help people living with dementia engage in meaningful activities and continue to enjoy life at home.