Aged Care

At Focus Care Solutions we believe in embracing our older years as a time of new possibilities.
If you or your loved ones are finding it difficult to manage your personal care, household tasks, social activities or healthcare, we can coordinate your care and provide a range of services to support you to make the most of this special time of life.

Your aged care at home 

We understand that being able to live in your own home is important. Sometimes older people need a helping hand to continue living comfortably, securely and independently in their home. If you or a loved one are finding it difficult to manage, talk to us. We provide a range of aged care services, including support with personal care, household tasks, social activities or healthcare. Allow us to create a personalised care solution to support you.

Our care solutions are tailored to your specific needs and wants. Whether you require one-off assistance, short-term assistance, or ongoing support, we can create a care plan for you. We can provide innovative dementia care, short-term assistance after a hospital stay, or the management of chronic conditions, to keep you well and support you to live life as fully as possible.

We work with you, your loved ones and other health professionals to create a care plan, coordinate your care and provide quality services in your home.

Your care team

Your care team is carefully selected to match your needs. Each member of your care team is skilled, caring, and dedicated to helping you enjoy life at home.  

Your care team will provide you with consistent support so that you can be comfortable and confident that the care you are receiving at home is of the highest quality.  

Your personalised care

You choose the level of care and the types of services that you’re comfortable with and that best suit you and your family.

Our range of support services include:

  • Domestic assistance
  • Personal care
  • Social support
  • Home nursing
  • Allied health
  • Case management and care coordination
  • Caring for carers: home respite solutions

We listen to your needs and wants. Together we will design a coordinated and flexible home care solution and deliver services that will help you lead a more active, comfortable and independent life.