Dementia Care

Dementia Care is a special priority for us at Focus Care Solutions. Our innovative Dementia Care at Home Program focuses on the strengths, needs and potential of every person we care for. We support the person living with dementia and their environment so that they can engage with, and enjoy life at home. 

Dementia Care at Home 

Dementia care is a special priority for us here at Focus Care Solutions. We were founded with a commitment to providing the kinds of services for people living with dementia that we would want our own family members to have access to.

With more and more Australians living with dementia, we pride ourselves on using the very best and most recent research on dementia care to inform our services. Our innovative approach to dementia care is based on the principles of the Montessori method, which uses techniques to engage the senses to help Alzheimer’s and Dementia patients rediscover the world around them. Often activities based around hobbies that people used to do when they were young can unlock memory, cognition and verbal skills. As part of our assessment, we will take time to find the unique interests and history of the client and build activities, puzzles and games designed to engage them in their day-to-day life.   We have been fortunate enough to have been guided by Anne Kelly, Managing Director, Montessori Ageing Support Services on practical ways to use the principles of the Montessori method in dementia care.

Some of the ways we endeavor to improve life for people with dementia include:

  • Consistency – ensuring the same care workers attend each time as much as possible
  • Scheduling care worker appointments at regular times, either in morning or at night, whatever works best for the client’s routine
  • Assisting clients to socialise in a way that maintains their verbal and cognitive skills and reduces their isolation
  • Working with our physiotherapists and allied health workers to assist clients in exercise and remaining physically active
  • Using Montessori methods to assist with recall, cognition and verbal skills in creative, practical ways


Example of using the Montessori method to as part of a Dementia care plan:

“Mum had always loved ballroom dancing. However, as her dementia progresses she became less mobile and more quiet. A Focus Care Solutions Care Worker got to know Mum and discovered that she became more talkative when watching videos of ballroom dancing, which became a weekly activity built into her care plan. I can’t believe how much her eyes light up every time.”

– John, son of Focus Care Solutions client

Dementia Care – Your Life. Your Home. Your Care. Our Focus.