Our dementia care approach

Dementia Care - Your life.Your home. Your care. Our focus.™ places the person living with dementia at the centre of everything we do to enable the best quality of life possible.

Dementia Care – Your life. Your home. Your care. Our focus.™ 

We believe in placing the person living with dementia at the centre of everything we do. As such, we consult closely with people living with dementia to understand their needs and wants so that we can provide the best possible support. Our staff are specially trained in dementia care, to understand the needs of people living with different types of dementia, including Younger Onset Dementia, which is a special focus for us.

We are very fortunate to have Kate Swaffer, the inspirational dementia advocate, work with us and contibute directly to the development of our dementia care approach. Kate’s expertise provided valuable insight into what it is like to live with dementia, and showed us that in order to provide support, we must get to know the person living with dementia and focus on their strengths and potential so that they can live life as fully as possible.

Your life.

Your life story, your experiences, your relationships, your loves and even the things that irritate you, are all part of your identity. In caring for people living with dementia, it is important that we understand what makes you YOU and what gives your life meaning. Central to our philosophy of dementia care is that we focus on the strengths and potential of every person we care for. By getting to know you, we discover what gives your life purpose so that we can tailor support to meet your care needs and wants.

Your home.

The majority of people living with dementia live at home in their community. Living at home with dementia is about being connected with your friends, family and your community and living in a pleasant environment that is safe, secure and healthy. Providing a dementia-friendly environment in the home, can make a significant difference to the well-being and quality of life for the person living with dementia. We support our clients to develop dementia friendly environments to help maintain independence and live life as fully as possible. We also provide a range of technology solutions to help you stay safe, secure and connected, and enable peace of mind for carers.

Your care.

We support people living with dementia to maintain independence and continue living at home by providing a range of services to help manage personal care, household tasks, social activities and healthcare needs. We focus on the physical, emotional and social wellbeing of people living with dementia, providing tailored solutions that focus on the strengths and potential, wants and needs of our clients. We provide art, music and movement programs, and support people living with dementia to do the things that give their life meaning and purpose. We understand the emotional issues associated with a diagnosis of dementia, and can provide counselling services. We believe that people living with dementia should have every opportunity to live life as fully as possible, and so we provide rehabilitation services to help our clients feel as well as possible.

Focus Care Solutions delivers tailored activity programs, incorporating Montessori Methods for Dementia, that can help people maintain independence and continue to enjoy life at home.

Through our Caring for Carers services, we take the time to understand the situation of those caring for people with dementia, supporting them in their role so that they can continue to care for their loved one.

Our focus.

Our focus is to provide quality, best-practice dementia care in the community, that respects the rights, dignity and lifestyle of each of our clients living with dementia. We do this by understanding the unique situation, needs and wants of our clients to develop a holistic care plan and deliver excellent services tailored to the individual. We ensure that we are linked with your community, and health professionals so that we can provide a coordinated approach to your care. We work with dementia experts from around the world to provide evidence-based, best-practice care to our clients living with dementia. We are committed to providing quality dementia care, and all our staff undertake specialist training to ensure they understand the specific wants and needs of people living with dementia. Our people have a passion for working with people with dementia, to support them to maintain independence and live their lives as fully as possible.