Our Care Services

At Focus Care Solutions we want older Australians to live better, more independent lives in their home. We provide personalised care services that offer practical and innovative support to help older people live the life they choose now and into the future.

About our care services

We understand that most of us want to live independently in our own home but as we get older we may need a little help to continue to do this. We asked ourselves how we could make life better, safer and more comfortable for older Australians living in their homes. And the answer was our innovative approach to delivering personalised home care solutions  Your life. Your home. Your care. Our focus.

Our focus is you. We start with an assessment of your health and lifestyle, your environment, your community and your home. We talk to you about the services and the care we can provide and you tell us what choices work for you. We follow up with a detailed and personalised care plan that’s right for you.

Your care team

You choose the level of care and the types of services that you’re comfortable with and that best suit you and your family. Your care team is carefully selected to match your needs. Each member of your care team is dedicated to helping you live independently and enjoy life at home. Your care team will provide you with consistent support so that you can be comfortable and confident that the care you are receiving at home is of the highest quality. 

Through Caring for Carersour home respite service, we can bring together the elements of our services you choose, so that carers and families can take a time for themselves, with the peace of mind, knowing that your loved one is being cared for.

Whether you require short-term help or ongoing support, we will work with you, your loved ones and our network of health professionals to create a personalised and coordinated care plan and assign a skilled and dedicated care team to you to help you maintain independence and live life as fully as possible.

Accessing our services

Our quality services are available to private clients and to people who receive government-supported Home Care Packages. 

All government-funded Home Care Packages are now delivered under the Consumer Directed Care approach. This gives you choice and control over the services you receive under your package. If you are eligible for or currently receive a government-funded Home Care Package, we can provide services to you under Consumer Directed Care (CDC).

If you are new to Aged Care, our experienced case managers can help you navigate the complexities of the aged care system. We will provide advice regarding your options, including eligibility and access to government support. 

Planning for your care

We understand that entering Aged Care is a time of change, and it is important to plan and understand your options. We provide advice regarding planning for your care now and into the future, and our care team is there to support you throughout your journey. Some of our aged care planning services include advice and assistance with Advanced Care Planning, Enduring Guardianship and Power of Attorney.

If the time comes where you require Residential Aged Care, we can assist you to make this transition. Should you require financial advice as you plan for your care needs, we can refer you to specialised advisers who can inform you of your options and provide expert financial planning advice.

Contact us for a free initial discussion

Contact us to arrange a free initial discussion to explore your care needs. If ongoing services are required, we follow up with a comprehensive and personalised home care assessment to develop a care plan tailored to meet your needs. The assessment fee can be offset against our services when you’re happy to proceed.