Technology solutions

Your safety and security at home is important to us, and to your loved ones. We can tailor innovative and cost-effective telecare solutions to help you stay safe and connected with family, friends and health professionals.

We know that technology can help you live safely and independently at home for as long as possible and help give your family peace of mind.

We constantly monitor and evaluate new technologies coming onto the market to ensure they are useful, simple to use, reliable and cost effective.

Our technology solutions will connect you with the right technology to improve your independence, reduce risks at home, and keep you connected to your family, friends and support network.

We’ll put together a package that can include:

  1. Wearable devices that can:
    • remind you to take your medication
    • track activity to warn of falls or wandering away from home
    • allow you to activate a panic button
    • track physical health indicators such as heart rate
    • allow you to make or receive phone calls
  2. Non-intrusive home monitoring to alert your family and your support network to any changes to your routine or unusual movement.
  3. Internet activity via your TV, smartphone or other device with a simple, large interface so you can:
    • make video calls to family and friends
    • see who is at the front door
    • play ‘brain-training’ games to help improve memory or cognitive skills
    • easily access news, weather, social media and hobbies and interests online
  4. Other technology to help with home comfort and safety such as automatic or remote control lighting, automatic floor cleaners and home access control.